Restarting Pc For Every Net Conection


whnever i start my adsl i need to restart my pc as it doesnt detect internet connection, internet starts only when i restarts my pc every time everything wit connection and the router is fine router-Huawei smartax mt882 adsl router conected by lan so plz post the solution


QUOTE(gadgetcrazy @ Dec 5 2006, 06:20 PM) [snapback]70347[/snapback]
dont restart PC, go to network connections, disable and then enable, see if it works

I am trying to figure out how is it even possible.

May be because you are using automatic DHCP setting, so when ur router is not on, your PC cannot get an IP and therfore skips it.Try following steps and I think it will work

> open network connections, right click your network adpater and click properties
> new window will appear, scroll to find TCP/IP, click it (and not uncheck it) and click properties
> in the properties windows see if it says "obtain an ip address automatically" if so change it to "use the following ip address" and type the following data

IP ADDRESS : 192 168 1 3
SUBNET 255 255 255 0
GATEWAY 192 168 1 1

click ok in all fields to close the windows..

Good Luck!