Problem with address verification service TATA DOCOMO 3G


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I have recently bought TATA DOCOMO 3G connection. After that I have very disappointing experience from various representatives of TATA DOCOMO. Here I am illustrating them. I would like to know which is the official place where can I place a complaint against their service.
1. For address verification their executive called me and took an appointment. But at last moment he called back and told me that he will verify address via phone and verified all relevant details. In spite of this I received a message from TATA DOCOMO saying that they have failed to verify address and would terminate connection if I do not get back to their service center within 48 hours. I called up the executive who took my details, who assured me that he will get back to me, which he did not and my connection got blocked.
2. I called customer care and he reactivated the connection, but told that address will be verified within next 3 days. I lodged complaint against their executive who failed to verify my address and on the top of that conveyed incorrect information. I was shocked to see that the person on other side hesitated to take my complaint saying that my connection is now back so why should I care. When I insisted upon filing a complaint he took it down. He asked me name and number of that executive.
3. Two out of three days assured by customer care have passed and still their representative has not turned up. On the top of that I have started receiving message to call customer care/service center within 48 hours to avoid blocking of connection. I called back to customer care and the fellow on other hand told me couple of shocking things: a ] Their representative tried calling me, but I was unreachable. I know that my cell phone was within range all the time for entire day. This clearly shows that their executive lied to them b ] The complaint that I had filed earlier has been resolved (exactly what they did when they claim to have resolved my complaint is beyond my comprehension), and that complaint does not contain name and phone number of the executive who failed to verify my address. This means either first fellow from customer care just pretended to note down the credentials of their executive.
I would like to know which is a legal forum where I can put forward my case and avoid calling these unprofessional fellows every three days.
Thanks in advance.
PS: I have noted names of both representatives from customer care. Also I have surname and phone number of their executive who failed to verify my address.

Joe Maxpayne

idk how their resolve process works.... i applied for upgrade from tata photon plus to max thru online. 3week ago i got call from customer care, they said someone from tata will visit me within 3day for home delivery. i waited till now but no one visited, yesterday i got message from tata that my issue was resolved. WTF?