Tata Docomo Photon Plus Worst Service Ever

Ashwani Chandra

New Member
I registered a request with Photon+ number 9235015747 on 23rd july 2013 with migration request number 372502369 at Tata Docomo Store Civil Lines, Allahabad I was told that migration will take place in 4 days.
I called Customer Care on 27th July then I got the answer that it will be done by 30th July, after calling customer care on 30th July another request was raised with request number 374530971.
I got another call on 1st August 2013 where another request was raised with reference number 373957703, and I was told that this will be resolved by 5th aug 2013.
Now on 5th August 2013 a bill for this connection is raised and I got a sms on 6th Aug 2013 that request number 373957703 has exceeded the closure timelines and it will be resolved within 2 working days but still there is no resolution. Please help with further steps to be taken from my end. Today 9th Aug 2013 I got a call from tata docomo office number +913366337920 saying that I need to submit my document again to get my postpaid connection converted to prepaid and then got a sms on my registered mobile number 8005320231 that my complaint# 373957703 is resolved but my connection is still in postpaid mode, really a terrible and pathetic experience from Docomo, will never suggest anyone to but any docomo product.
Finally, the connection was never migrated from Postpaid to Prepaid and they have closed the request without informing me that is the end consumer, so finally after facing a hell lot of harassment from Docomo I decided to pull off from the connection on 20th August 2013 for ever.
Raised a new complaint request for closing the account permanently. The request number is 376450121.
Never subscribe to Photon+ postpaid connection
Really it's a worst service,I had a docomo mobile connection also which I migrated to airtel which works well now


I wanted to get new Tata Photon Plus connection (Prepaid). I went to Tata Docomo showroom, and inquired about it. I got reply that Prepaid connections are not sold and they only sell Postpaid connection, which I can convert to Prepaid after 6 months. I was not willing to fall in Postpaid trap, hence I thought I will look for some another service (like Reliance CDMA).
But I found another showroom on the way. I went to that showroom of Tata Docomo, and got Prepaid connection as I desired.
Why some salesperson provide misleading information!?


^^ Same condition in Aundh, Shivaji Nagar, F.C.Road and Bajirao Road Docomo gallery.Prepaid connection for CDMA are not available even for Voice.

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