China Launches New Interactive Broadband Network


China launches new interactive broadband network

BEIJING, Nov. 20 (Xinhua) -- A new broadband information network, 3TNet, integrating telecom, Internet, radio and TV, and capable of offering state-of-the-art video on demand services, has been introduced in many regions in China.

After being tested in the Yangtze River Delta, 3TNet is now in operation in many regions, according to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

The project will enable Chinese netizens to enjoy interactive broadband and rich media services at speeds of 41 Mbps. For most Chinese families that have access to broadband, average speeds are currently less than 10 Mbps, according to MOST.

The new interactive network gives users much more control and versatility in terms of the services they receive. Users can order up films and other programs using video on demand (VoD) as well as a range of interactive digital programs and services such as tele-medical and tele-education services, according to an official from MOST.

The network also boasts an interactive video telephone facility.

The official said China supports the integration of telecom, Internet and television networks in order to minimize information technology costs.

The 3TNet project was developed as part of the "863" national high-tech research program and was listed by MOST as a key project from 2001 to 2005. More than 30 top Chinese firms, universities and scientific research institutes -- including China Telecom, Shanghai Media Group and the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences -- took part in developing the network.

Experts have long heralded the full integration of telecom, Internet, radio and TV services. According to the official, 3Tnet is a landmark development that will spur the network market in China.

China had 123 million netizens in June this year -- including 77 million netizens, ranking second in the world after the United States.


Viking Warrior
QUOTE(max @ Nov 23 2006, 10:27 PM) [snapback]69510[/snapback]
we suck! :)

I hate it when people talk as an authority, and preposterously equate pathetic broadband services to all other spheres in life. Get over it dude, life is more than just broadband.

Would you rather trade your freedom for a commie style military regime, if only for the high speed net access?


I forgot about Europe,Asia's (incl japan,korea's,sg,my...) ,australia and america's,oh sorry and also africa (rwanda!!!!)... :p Im tired of ranting these days ,Realization came to me late that they will carry on with 256k till 2047 august 15..


QUOTE(amogh_gulwady @ Nov 24 2006, 07:06 AM) [snapback]69525[/snapback]
I hate it when people talk as an authority, and preposterously equate pathetic broadband services to all other spheres in life. Get over it dude, life is more than just broadband.

Would you rather trade your freedom for a commie style military regime, if only for the high speed net access?

I second that. It sure is frustrating to read such things but people need to realize that broadband has only just taken off in india. It will take time to get to that level but it will happen soon. Besides china didn't develop that system overnight it took them 5 years to get it done. You just have to look at the numbers of users in china , 123 million !!! that is insane. You compare that with india and you'll see why we are far behind.

And amogh touched on a very important point there , freedom. You lot probably don't have an idea but in china if you write against the government in blogs they crap on you big time even the so called journalists of reputed newspapers have faced it. Censorship is another issue as well. The internet over there is completely controlled by the chinese government so they block what seems unsuitable to them. Also the arrival of western companies in china due to cheap labour and production costs has helped them immensely in this area.

The only thing that i admire about china is that they are obsessed with becoming a superpower and have implemented an aggressive development program to pursue their ambitions. Having a communist regime have helped them a lot as against here where we have the leftists , extremists and the democrats who are always fighting with each other.


41 mbps vs 256 kbps...What an amazing divide..What kind of an IT hub are we..Forget about..Life is more than broadband..and Broadband has just taken off..Most policies in India are like those 5 year plans which never really do well.


Of course life is more than broadband but China is far ahead of India in many other areas as well. Their population is better fed, better educated and has access to better health care. Pretty much every aspect of their infrastructure is better. Their big cities are far more advanced than their Indian counterparts. And so on.This doesn't mean we should copy their authoritarian model. Democracy is a better system but we should stop using democracy as an excuse for why we are falling behind. After all Japan and South Korea are also democracies. In fact it is precisely because democracy is a superior system that we should expect more. Most of the things that have helped China succeed are easily compatible with democracy : high public investment in infrastructure including schooling, openness to foreign investment, relatively liberal labour laws particularly in SEZ's etc. Instead of using democracy as an excuse for why we can never equal China we should be learning from them and adopting those of their policies which make sense.


Yeah, i'm still waiting to read some hard technical details about this "interactive broadband network" and can find precious nothing except press releases all over.Let's see how fantastic this thing really is before we start to question ourselves.
if you live india then you got maximum 2 Mbps connection and the providers are BSNL and plan is -DATAONE - BUSINESS 9000 price is 9000 /- and bandwidth is 2 Mbps.