Airtel W Wifi W Nokia N91

This is Rajeev here,
I hv a Nokia N91 (WiFi) n O2 xda IIs (Wifi) n a PC (Obviously, )

n i use Airtel 128 kbps unlimited.
router : Beetel 220 BX

so i was thinkin to go wireless (Wifi) using my airtel connection, so i could use all 3 i.e.
1. My PC
2. Nokia N91
3. O2 xda IIs

on the same connection.

So kindly help me out in this,
what shud i do , to go wireless !

all the stuff, that's needed,
Wifi router (price, models,)
where to buy ( I live in Delhi )
ne othr thing ,that u think i'm missing !

or u think is necessary to get this all started.

Thnx in advance !

mail me @ =


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A basic tenet of forums is that you should first search for any past threads that discuss the very topic you have in mind, in the affirmative of which you should not start a new duplicate thread.

WiFi routers have been discussed in previous threads. Please use the search option. Then if you still have questions, do start a new thread or append your question to one of the past threads if relevant.

hey,so i searched through forums and then sarched ebay for the best router, n found out Netgear WGR614 for Rs. 2300.after that i called an pc assembler and asked for the same modem,but he said thai i wud also require an Lan card for my pc.Q1. does this netgear router have a usb port on it, 'coz i didn't found it being mentioned on Q2. is do i need to buy a lan card for my pc , or i'll be able to connect my pc with the same router without any so-called lan-card, i.e. connecting my pc to netgear router through the usb port !


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The geekness you are showing with the phones you have is irrelavant . I think instead of asking a question you should have straight away brought a Lan card for your pc which is priced Rs200 oh sorry 150 bucks now and just put in the slot in your pc mother board along with driver cd/floppy & Voilla Ready to Stream !!!