Problem Browsing Internet In Ubuntu Using Wa1003a Modem


This is a problem that was faced on a machine running Ubuntu running newly installed Edgy Eft release and connecting through WA1003a modem/router. The PC work in dhcp client mode was able to successfully get an IP address from the modem but was not able to browse the internet. But pinging websites worked!It turned out that for some reason, all the websiites were being mapped to ip address by the dns nameserver on the WA1003a router. In the Ubuntu box, in /etc/resolv.conf, the nameserver listed was the modem's IP when the Ubuntu box got its networking started, it got an IP from the modem as a dhcp client, and got a nameserver of from the modem, but had trouble browsing.Not sure why this was occuring, but the workaround was to give the Ubuntu box a fixed IP address and specify the nameservers of and one or two BSNL nameservers. Then it was working okay.Anybody experienced a similar problem?Thanks.