Local leased line rates to be pared

zdnetindia reports, "Close on the heels of slashing the international leased line rates by close to 70 per cent, telecom regulator TRAI is now seeking to cut domestic leased lines rates within a week."

go here: http://www.zdnetindia.com/news/national/st...nsl,119469.html

the latter part of the report says "On the demand side, TRAI's earlier recommendation on June 23 last year to reduce charges on domestic leased lines by as much as 62 per cent in order to boost internet and broadband usage had brought a lot of cheer to the industry."

hmm... cheer to the industry... how so? shouldn't it have been users like us who would gloat "wow, broadband is coming" ? cheer to the industry means lower costs (of course kept secret / hidden), meaning more margins, from pawning us faux-broadband...

hrmpphhh :-(