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Ok, so here goes. I wanted to switch my plan from DSL_199 to TriB_590 NU. So I went to the MTNL Sanchar Haat near my place. Submitted a written application over there(October 13, 2006). After 2 days, got a call from Sanchar Haat, confirming approval of request. they told me that the plan would be changed w.e.f 1st November, 2006. OK, (Sabr ka fal meetha hota hai). I called 1504 (just out of curiosity), on 27th October, 2006 to check whether my request had been approved or not. Confirmed request, would be changed on 1st Nov.

1st Nov, 2006 (12:20 A.M.) - not working, can't stand anymore, start downloading.
switched off modem at 7:45 A.M. in the morning. Checked in the afternoon, shocked to see that the plan hadn't been changed. I call 1504, who says that we never even recieved such a request from you, tells me to call 1500 for further details. 1500 heavily flooded, couldnt speak to the executive, so called up Sanchar Haat. They tel me that they forwarded the request, but can't help me and ask me to call the Area Manager. So here starts the chain of people passing me numbers of others........

3rd November, 2006
Talked to my Dad, discovered that the Broadband incharge for Delhi is a childhood friend of his. Dad goes to Janpath (Main Office), talks to the incharge, gets the thing done and shows the middle finger to the customer care executive.

MORAL OF THE STORY - Kaam karane ke liye Dande ki zaroorat padti hai.

I started this topic so that other people could share their experience with the Great MTNL Customer Care.

This is the story of guy called Deep.....He had a similar problem.


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Old story dude!!
Should have confirmed before using as NU. You yourself ignored what you said :)

"Sabr ka fal meetha hota hai"[/b]

Another moral for newcomers to this forums:

Mtnl Hai toh Kuch Bhee ho Sakta Hain ;)


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This is the story of guy called Deep.....He had a similar problem.[/b]

bloggers tend to maginify their experiences. i know coz i am one of them.


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Well said, Next time confirm on login site then start downloading.If site down leave the day off MAmu........


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they changed plan but did they delete the night download amountwhich was calculated for first 3days ?


QUOTE(Sushubh @ Nov 7 2006, 11:33 PM) [snapback]68089[/snapback]
bloggers tend to maginify their experiences. i know coz i am one of them.

Deep doesn't. trust me. He is a good friend of mine, and if he posts something, he would state events as they occured.


Actually, as mentioned in my blog post, there is lack of cordination between customer support guys and local mtnl babus...from my understanding this is what happens...When you call up customer care, they lodge your complaint and then give you some docket number.. now this information gets passed to a department in MTNL local office where they issue work orders, they check your complaint and assign a person to it...and work order gets issued..So now the problem is, the guys over at local MTNL office many times fail to do their job properly because they have to depend on someone to get the things done. There is no "boss" or "manager" here who monitors the complaints and take care of the stuff.. (there are people assigned for that job but we don't see it happening for some reason) where in private companies, they are someone who takes care of these kind of stuff and get the things done. (Though there are some expectations too in this)So in short, with MTNL, if you want to get few things done quickly, it is better to ask your dad if any of his childhood friends work with MTNL or not ;)About, bloggers tend to magnify their experiences - Oh yes, it is right. But there are always exceptions :)