internet in goa


I was just reading thru this Government of Goa Undertaking web site( and in short it says
Goans are courteous, intelligent, diligent, honest. Justifiably famous for their hospitality.

But did you also know that:

Goa has one of the highest per capita income ratios in India.
One of the highest literacy rates, 82.32%.
The lowest birth rate, 18 per 1000 population.
The lowest death rate, 7.47 per 1000 population.
The highest road network density.
The highest doctor-to-patient ratio.
The highest hospital-bed-to-population ratio.
The lowest crime rate.
Harmonious industrial relations.

hmmmmmmmm but most of the time i just cannot surf the net properly or even upload a few file of my website **link removed - not relevant to the content** ..Its really disgusting and the government is doing nothing about it ....


Goa (I think) is also the only state in India where the number of girls is more than that of boys. Now naturally more girls are born in the human species so if a population is left on its own it should have more girls than boys. So female infanticide is quite high to make the number of boys more in so many states of India...All of this is totally off topic anyway.......