Exploiting Huawei Mt882 Thru Cli


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Huawei modem's (I tried MT882, but it should work for other models as well)can be accessed not only through web but also through CLI via TELNET. and also thru TFTP for file transfer.

Steps for CLI.

1. TELNET requires port 23. so port forward 23 in virtual server to the modem's IP.

2. In the PC connected to the modem, open command prompt and enter "TELNET",

then type "o"
it should prompt you for login, enter "admin"
then password-->

if u enter the right you should be at the command prompt, then type "?" to see the list of commands available.

In my modem MT882, it looks like this.


and now you use all the features available to modem thru CLI.

like DMZ, DDNS, port forward a range of ports......

I have an user manual which is close to functionality of Huawei modem,
http://-- link removed --.com/files/1983205/CLI_Manual_ISOS8_2.pdf

http://www.-- link removed --.com/?d=ZIOADTWA