BSNL Broadband: Port Forwarding On Smartax Mt 841


Optus DSLDirect
QUOTE(Swami @ Nov 6 2006, 02:33 PM) [snapback]67892[/snapback]
Ethernet Adapters IP is

The DHCP and DNS server both have values of

Is that fine?

Open your web browser type
Look Under Basic > DHCP and look at the IP Range set
Select an IP address out of this range like I said before
On the server TCP/IP properties Select Static IP
Type in the IP address in this instance
Type in the subnet mask
Type the default gateway which is
Let the DNS be automatic
Check if browsing works
Setup port forwarding as per the port forwarding website
Status: Enabled
Host Name: HTTP1
Private IP:
Protocol: TCP (as req'd)
Inside Port: 80
Outside Port: 80