Pathetic Service


Hello People...

I've been a Sify Broadband user in Bangalore, the IT Capital for 14 months now... I used to use a 64Kbps (Kilobits) connection @ Rs. 511 per month... However, since the last 25 days, I"ve been facing a pathetic service from these guys... I was getting download/data transfer speeds of 1.3KBps - 3KBps (KiloBytes) instead of 8KBps... 2 times their technicians have come to my home and went back in vain and they didn't even know where the problem lied... As per what the second technician told me, almost all of the Sify Bangalore subscribers are facing this problem for more than a month...

At 12AM today, I got subscribed to a new plan, for which I pay Rs. 1122pm and it is pure unlimited plan at the speed of 256Kbps... where I'm supposed to get 32KBps speed while download, where as I'm getting 3.11KBps, and that was at 12.41AM... Just Imagine...

At 10AM, I call the Customer Care. I narrate my problem to a lady there about the whole 25 day old story till now... She tells me that they've put me on a plan the speed of which varies from 64Kbps to 256Kbps (and I'm supposed to pay Rs. 1122pm for that...). Here's proof enough that the company doesn't train it's employees well... It's the upload speed that is 64Kbps and the download speed is 256Kbps, atleast as per what the website says and what the person who called me for monthly renewal tells me... And she is trained otherwise...

Next, she tells me that a technician will be coming to my home to assist me and get my problem resolved... No one comes till 1PM.
At 1.10PM, I try to download a file and get a data transfer of 0.3KBps... (LMAO)... I call up the Customer Care frustrated with the 3rd class service this company has been offering me since 25 days... I express this problem, and some b*tch called PREETHI hangs up on me... :angry:

Come on people, believe this... Sify has the largest broadband subscriber base in India... ha ha haa... and this is the kind of service they offer all over...

So, here's what you'll get if you have Sify Broadband at your home:

1. The response time while pinging ranges between 345ms - 4070ms at any time of the day, whereas it's supposed to vary from 1ms - 10ms...

2. You subscribe for a 256Kbps plan just to get downloads at the speed of 0.3KBps - 3.11KBps whereas they claim to give you 32KBps...

3. A very nice and catchy punchline Hi-Speed Internet... OMG, what a shame! on the company to claim such BS...

Sify s u c k s BIGTime... Sorry forum admin. for such words of mine... but this is an informative post just so that the people here get to know what they're getting into...

And for all this, you pay Rs. 1122 every month... And some areas like mine also get charged Rs. 75 extra every month as maintenance charges, from the local cable operator or some middleman.

In My Honest Opinion, never ever go for Sify... I'm stuck with this sh*t for another month now... can't wait to get out of it...

Kind Regards.

P.S.: Kind Regards only to the readers and the forum crew, only bad regards for Sify...


Man here Sify is not at fault.Ur connectivity to local CTO is at fault as is shown by ur pings to local gateway

Delhi -NCR
But boygr8, Sify is not giving guranteed rates it can fall to 11 KBPS if u have 256 kbps connection. Same thing happened to me also


QUOTE(boygr8 @ Oct 24 2006, 02:38 PM) [snapback]66498[/snapback]
Man here Sify is not at fault.

Ur connectivity to local CTO is at fault as is shown by ur pings to local gateway

Agreed buddy...

But what about what the Sify technician told me? Almost the whole of Sify Bangalore is facing the same problem... Slow browsing and slow downloads... And I know very well that he was a technician from Sify & not my cable guy...

One more thing I forgot to mention earlier... Everytime I'm on call with the customer care, the line seems to be breaking up... They don't even have good infrastructure... What good service to expect? I came to know all this only since the past 25 days... I'm moving on from Sify to a better provider in the coming month and I hope I never come back to the dungeon again...


Bro sify is really pathetic ,even i had the worst problems than these ,firstly
1)Once i had my request timed out ,that is from the local sify cable guy for 1 week.
2)They have the worst renewing mechanism ,once i migrated from 64 kbpss plan to 256 night plan and I even paid the amount early but the account got renewed after 5 days after expiry and when i called the customer care daily they were just acting like a bunch of irritating pests.
3)The whole concept of the unlimited plan this sify has got is worst 256 d/l and 64 u/l ,u can forget torrents files with this kinda concept ,They r cheating.
4)Once when i did the troubleshooting thing ,everything was ok but the sify network had problems this again costed me 2 days .

so there r many problems with this sify broadband ,But if u screw them properly u might end up getting a 3 day 256 kbpss demo account ,i had got this account thrice during my 5 month usage of sify so used it effectively.SO now i am usin airtel home plus 999.


There... See that people?There are newer problems coming up... and even 20+ days old... and the customer care team doesn't know where the problem is...Why? Even the technicians who come here and see everything hands on, don't know what's going on...


theultimate1, that lady was right. You are supposed to get speeds between 64Kbps to 256Kbps on a 256Kbps plan. The reason being that the contention ratio is 1:4. So that was ok.What I suggest is write to Sify HO. Tell them about the TRAI order which says all broadband ISPs MUST ensure that their BROADBAND ( yes you count as one ) subscribers must get ATLEAST 80% of the promised speed immediately ( from the day of starting the connnection ) even if the ISP has advertised that the speeds ARE ONLY UPTO. This is QoS that they must meet or otherwise the subscriber CAN COMPLAIN TO TRAI / DOT and the ISP can be heavily penalized for DEFICIENCY OF SERVICES. Moreover, you can even drag them to consumer court too since this counts as a DEFICIENCY OF SERVICE. :)


I am getting 32 KB/s constant anytime on my sify 256 plan since a month (mumbai ). There is definitely problem in ur connectivity with cto but there can also be a another problem at sify's end . My connection is running pretty good since last 2-3 months .. b4r it used to be pathetic sometimes ( like once in 2 week or so )


u are very late to know that sify had pathetic service...May be this forum should be renamed to 'Pathetic Sify broadand forum ' ........ now one talks good abt sify here