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The iPad mini has finally arrived – Apple’s much anticipated response to the incredibly successful 7 inch Tablets pioneered by Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and more recently by Google with its Nexus 7. So far they are the only Tablets that have made a dent in Apple’s near monopoly on Tablets. At first Apple declared them too small to be useful, but consumers clearly wanted something more portable than a full size 10 inch Tablet, and also a lot less costly. Millions were sold – and that got Apple’s attention. Over the past year there have been increasingly credible accounts of a small iPad prototype being developed by Apple, but there was no guarantee that it would turn into an actual product until Apple’s official announcement.

In a short period of time mini Tablets have evolved into first tier products with excellent displays. It shows how demand can drive the state-of-the-art very quickly. Apple has made displays their most prominent marketing feature because they determine the quality of the visual experience for everything on a Tablet or Smartphone – including Apps, web content, photos, videos, and its camera. So how good is the display on the iPad mini? And how does it compare to the displays on the leading Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7 Tablets? And how does it compare to the displays on the full size iPads? We’ll tell you here…

source : iPad mini Display Technology Shoot-Out