Upto 1mbps Wireless Broadband


hii guys recently i hav taken a new wireless broadband connection(based on wimax tech) for 899/-(excluding tax) da isp is local supported by amarnath network solutions based in delhi. now da advertisement says its upto 1mbps. unlimited usage (no fup) latency n all r ok now da problem is tht initialy for a week 1 gt around 120-128 KBps d/l speed which later gt reduced to 90 KBps. thn i complaied to da isp n they increased my speed to 100 KBps. now my idm moslty stays constant on 100 n torrent on 80-90. now as per da advertisement it is upto 1mbps (d/l 128kBps). i knw its upto bt my bandwidth is stuck at around 760kbps(checked speedtest.net and som other independent speed test whether its peak or non peak hours(checked at 4 am in da morning).(da isp told me tht wid tht price its not possible for them to provide me bandwidth more thn 760 kbps and suggested to take business plan of 1mbps of 1499/- for greater speeds my question is if it is upto 1mbps shudnt at least at som point of time in 24 hours (especialy during non peak hours ) i shud get around 850-900 kbps coz 1mbps is not possible in a shared connection i knw tht. Am i rite or wht da isp is tellin is correct or it is advisable to again complain for more speed at least in off peak hours