Swedish topsites raided


Did you know in the swedish region of 1und, home users are @$$igned band-widths of 1 Gbps by the ISP? :eek:
No transfer or time limits above that..... which obviously leads to the below!
Swedish ISP Bahnhof.se was raided Thursday by the Swedish Enforcement Administration and legislation authorities.
They acted on behalf of STIM - the Swedish Performing Rights Society, EMI, Sony and Universal through their front
Antipiratbyrån (anti piracy bureau - whose homepage is currently down due to a DDos attack).

According to news sources Antipiratbyrån has had an inside source for half a year who's been giving them information about three topsite ftp's:

-Enigma CD []
-Artic Connexion []
-Infinite Power []

In the court order they claim they were looking for 4 movies and 8 music albums illegally distributed through the servers.
None of those were found, but instead they found lots of other material which resulted in the cops confiscating those three
servers and an additional one.

1800 movie titles, 450,000 mp3 files and 5000 software titles were found, according to Antipiratbyråns legal expert.
Apparently these were some of the biggest topsites in europe, with one being in service since 1996.

They were situated right in the server hall of the ISP connected to the backbone.
The question is whether employees at the ISP are connected to the servers directly or not.

Pretty incredible. That must have been worth a ton of cash!

More info here, but it's in swedish: