Yet another attempt at an American Premier League


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We had 2-3 attempts earlier as well, if I remember correctly. Here is the latest one.

Star-studded US T20 League announced : Cricketnext

The league is a joint venture between CHA, NZC, USACA, Top Bloom Corporation Limited (Top Bloom), Podar Holdings International Pte Ltd and Insite Organisation (Insite) and backed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) with the support of current players through the Federation of International Cricketers Association (FICA).

The league has six teams and will kick off in June 2013 with a total of 19 matches to be played until mid-July. A number of high-profile current and former cricketers - Brett Lee, Shane Watson, David Warner, Chris Gayle, Kieron Pollard, Shahid Afridi, Kumar Sangakkara - to name the few, have shown keen interest to participate in the league. Additionally, cricketers from New Zealand, West Indies, South Africa and Australia are expected to be a part of this sporting extravaganza. "I would love nothing more than to play in front of a packed house in New York. My bags are packed," said Lee.

Talking to Cricketnext, Rajiv Podar, one of the directors of CHA, said that cricket is an immensely popular game in US and that the US T20 League would further crank up interest. "The United States was the second highest broadcast revenue earner in the world next to India during the 2011 World Cup 2011. There's an enormous amount of passion for cricket in the US and a lot of people understand the game,” he said. “Though their interest is largely restricted to limited-overs cricket. It'll take some time for them to develop a liking for Test cricket. The US T20 League aims to provide them an opportunity to watch their favourite stars playing in front of them. It'll boost the future prospects of the sport in the country and a lot of youngsters will be drawn to cricket.”

According to Podar, the US T20 League would be different from other leagues which have mushroomed. “Firstly, our league will take place during mid-June to mid-July which is usually an off-season for all countries barring England so availability of players will not be an issue,” he said. “Secondly, all the other leagues take place in Test-playing nations. Our league is the first which is placed in a non-Test playing nation. Besides, the US is the biggest market for professional sports and this league will open up a new market for cricket. Cricket will truly become a global sport, more marketable, which will generate commendable revenue. A new set of audience will be drawn into the game. That makes it a unique concept.
“For 2013, we have six teams participating in the league. In 2014 the number of franchises will grow to eight and to ten by 2016. A lot of renowned companies and noted individuals around the world have contacted us for the ownership of franchises and we'll shortly make an official announcement. As per venues, New York and San Francisco are two most venues which are short-listed, and we'll zero in on a couple of more places. The idea is to spread the cricket from the east coast to west coast. The auction is most likely to take place towards the end of September."