"Luther" follows the cases of a troubled yet brilliant English police detective, DCI John Luther (Idris Elba). Separated from his wife, whom he loves passionately, he is torn between an unrelenting approach to solving serial killings and his attempts to rekindle his marriage. Luther is a highly charged emotional man who is not above stretching the law to solve a case or save a life. In episode one, Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson) proves she is equally brilliant by committing the perfect murder of her parents, which challenges Luther as never before. Alice develops a strange fascination for Luther and their continued exchanges and interplay serve as a backdrop for the rest of the season. Luther's edgy police tactics make him a serious concern to his superiors, who feel that he is a threat to their reputations and that of the Police force. From the opening credits to the end of season one, "Luther" is a fast paced mystery presented with many plot twists and insights into the human psyche.
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Its quite gripping.


Neil Cross Talks 'Luther' Movie, Alice Morgan Spinoff

Though Ruth Wilson had to be written out of Emmy-nominated BBC America miniseries “Luther,” show creator and exec producer Neil Cross has big plans for her Alice character.

Cross said he has spoken to the BBC about creating a miniseries that would center on Alice, the beguiling serial killer with whom Idris Elba’s Luther tangoed in the first set of “Luther” episodes.

“The BBC is very interested in the project,” Cross told Variety today. “The only real question would be how many and how often we would do it — whether it would be a one-off miniseries or a returning miniseries, a co-production or not.”

The Alice project would come in addition to a proposed “Luther” movie that would follow the miniseries third and final set of episodes, which will air on BBC America (which co-produces with the BBC) at a time to be determined.

“The truth is I absolutely adore Alice,” Cross said. “I don’t like to imagine my life without Alice in some way or other. Even if I didn’t sell this thing, I would still end up writing the miniseries. It’s something peculiar, but she’s far more clever than me, far more witty than me, far more everything than me.

“I’ve got storylines going around in my head like trains,” he added.

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Done with first season. I always loved British crime dramas. Sherlock, Gently and now Luther. Onto second season and only a couple left! Glad the third season is coming but dang only 4 episodes for an hour-ish drama? Hmm.
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