Which laptop to buy? Small screen size, Range- Rs 70,000


Hello Everyone

I am planning to buy a new laptop and with so many options the decision is tough so I would really appreciate some opinions.

Currently I am using a Dell XPS M1210 laptop and very happy with it. Besides that I have 2 other dell laptops as well and fairly happy with both of them.

With the screen size of 12.1 inch my current laptop is very portable therefore I am inclined to buy a new laptop with small screen size preferably 13.3 inch and maximum 14 inch if the model is very good. Besides that I would like the laptop to be future proof for some time and a good touchpad is an important point. I do not care much about graphics card etc since I wont be playing games on the laptop.

The models I have considered till now are-

1.) Macbook pro 13"- Portable. Elegant. Tech specs are fairly good. Shifting to osx can be an issue specially when I would need to run windows also. Also upgrades, softwares etc would be costly. Can get it from Canada also but I dont think that the prices differ by much margin.

2.) Dell Latitude series- Looks to be the best series from dell. Though I have 2 XPS the new ones dont seem to impress much. There are few models in Latitude which look good but their pricing is not mentioned and as of now dell hasnt replied to my mail.
The main bone of contention for this series is I wont be able to see the laptop before buying which is kind of important as I am particularly interested in the quality of touchpad.

3.) Various other models- I have browsed websites of various other brands such as HP, Samsung, Asus, vaio, Lenovo etc but I do not really want to try anything else other than dell if buying a windows laptop. However that decision might change if there is some very good laptop in other brand.

So I would really appreciate if anyone can suggest something which may help in making the decision because as of now I do not know how I would take a decision!