Mtnl Dolphin Gprs Settings For Nokia 6021 In Delhi?


I need gprs settings for Nokia 6021 on MTNL Delhi Dolphin postpaid connection. The MTNL ppl asked me to come down to a god-forsaken place in Idgah telephone exchange, so they can have a look at the phone and feed it in there. But when I said its Nokia 6021, the chaps were at their wits end! They do not know this excellent nokia phone!! Moreover, the settings document file from MTNL Mumbai website does not work, as I tried putting in all sorts of combinations. The GPRS definitely works on this phone, as I tested it in BSNL's network by putting in a BSNL Haryana Sim card activated for GPRS and getting the settings from the BSNL website - they maintain excellent files and just automatically message you the settings! However, that is not the case with MTNL Delhi Dolphin service - If anyone has the correct settings for "MTNL Delhi Dolphin Postpaid GPRS & MMS", can you please post them here. Thanks, Rikky