cannot access Airtel Beteel 450TC1 from outside(port forwarded correctly)


I have a media player(xtreamer) within my home network that is running a web interface @ port 8080 and another service @ 9091. I have already forwarded these ports in the router (under virtual server). When i try reaching out to any of these services from inside the LAN ..all is good ..i can see them all. But when i try to reach them from outside/internet , i cannot get to them. I have a no-ip account but I have even tried using the temp. public IP(that is given for each session) but no luck. Here is exactly what happens :- (which checks open ports from outside/internet) confirms that my 80(router admin web interface), 8080(forwarded to my media box), 9091(forwarded to media box) are open.- If i try reaching to it using the temp. public Ip from within LAN - it connect fine to admin interface.. but thats because its hitting it from inside(tracert confirms that)- If i use the no-ip name e.g. , though tracert confirms that its hitting it from inside BUT it open up a page that has 'Beetel router' written and and message" ADSL is up now, please close web browser, open it and try it again!".....??? hmmmm interesting it coming from Airtel firewall or something..??- If i try to reach to it form outside LAN --it times out with some error(dont remember that right now but it doesn't give me 404/page cannot be found). Seems like its finidn something but cannot establish a successful connection.I have already gone through tons of posts and confirmed that i have correctly forwarded my ports in router and port sniffing sites also confirm that..not sure what else can i try..any help would be appreciated.