Simplifying Tata Sky – Package Calculator

Pritesh Desai

I recently got Tata Sky and I love it. It is definitely better than the ‘dabba’ cable.
However Tata Sky has one major flaw – Channel Packages.
Normally cable operators charge you a fixed monthly fee and in return, you get (theoretically) all the channels.
But Tata Sky has this concept of ‘Packages’. In theory it is supposed to give the control in the hands of the customer. You select the channels which you want and pay only for those channels.
But in reality, the system is hopelessly complicated.
Being the simple guy that I am, I decided to make an app which would do all the number crunching for me and tell me the best (read Cheapest) plan for the channels which I select.
Introducing ‘Tata Sky Package Calculator’:
You do have a fair idea of which channels you watch. Simply select those channels in the app and when you have selected all the channels which you want, hit the ‘Continue >>‘ button.
The app try all possible combinations of 4 main packages + 12 regional packs + 14 Add On packs + individual channels and will pick the one with the lowest cost.
If you are happy with the plan, you can also send an email to Tata Sky reps to tell them to modify your package form the app itself. Just make sure, you have your ‘Subscriber No.’ in hand.
*I don’t work for Tata Sky nor is this an official Tata Sky app. I made it for myself and it worked. I’m sharing it in the hope that others may find it useful.
Remember with great power comes great responsibility!

Give it a try here - Simplifying Tata Sky – Package Calculator | Inventika Solutions


Where is HD?
Great work. Hope you keep it updated