Configuring Dl-524 Wireless Router With Beetel 220x



I have a Airtel 256 kbps broadband connection using a Beetel 220x modem. I have recently installed a Dl-524 wireless router. After installing the router, the speeds have dropped to half.

Old configuration

modem connected to one laptop through ethernet cable. second laptop connected to first through wifi with internet connection sharing enabled on first laptop.

Current configuration

modem connected to wireless router through ethernet cable. both laptops connect to wireless router through wifi.

Why have the speed dropped on both laptops. Do I need to do some configuration changes on the modem?


Mr. Advocate
New Delhi
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hmmm, that's odd. Is your usage the same?

And am I interpreting it correctly that when one laptop is idle (i.e. not using the internet at all) and you do a speed test from the other one, then you get a result of 128kbps? (and that this happens with both laptops?).

What happens if you connect one directly to the wireless router with an ethernet cable?

(and I probably don't need to ask this, but you do have up-to-date antivirus and a firewall on both systems, right?)

Also, you might want to just connect one laptop to the modem directly, and do a speed test... for all you know there might be a problem with your connection.... at the very least, there is no harm in ruling out this possibility.