TRAI releases draft regulations on Standards of Quality of Service for Mobile Data Services


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Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI) has issued a set of guidelines that set down the minimum standard requirements for mobile internet services. TRAI has asked for feedback on the draft from all stakeholders.

A press release from TRAI says, “With the roll out of 3G and Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) services, the growth rate in cellular mobile telephone service is poised for higher growth, compared to wireline internet users. It is necessary to benchmark and monitor the quality of service offered by the service providers of mobile data services with various options open to the implementing agencies so that the interests of consumers are protected.”

Comments on the “Standards of Quality of Service for mobile data services Regulations, 2012” are invited till 25th July, 2012, and counter comments till 1st August, 2012.

One significant point TRAI makes is that operators have to activate mobile internet services within three hours of receiving the consumer’s request. Moreover, if an operator wishes to provide a higher end service, it has to meet certain parameters to get its license.

The regulator has specified nine parameters on the basis of which the quality of service will be judged. These parameters take into account things like call drop rates, voice quality over the network, networks blockage and downtime on networks.

TRAI guidelines also say that the drop rate or the network’s inability to upload or download should be less than 2%. The service operator also has to inform TRAI of the minimum download speed. Also, they are required to have compliance records for all the nine parameters and submit to the Authority, within sixty days of notification of these regulations.

The regulator, on its own or through some agency, can check the quality of service being provided. TRAI has also reserved the right to issue a uniform methodology of keeping records for Telcos, and also publish the records that these service providers submit to the regulator.

Press release here -

Draft regulations here - Regulation:Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (If you are unable to open the file, download it, and add .pdf to the file name)