I Am Not Mad


Husband and Wife in the mental home walkingalong by the pond ..he falls in .. she drags him out and giveshim the kiss of of life before the emergencyservices get there and he survives .....the doctor say to her:-'if you can jump in and save your husbandslife like you just did, then you shouldnt behere ..your not mad at all ..i'll be aroundlater to discharge you'.Later that afternoon...the doctor arrives inher room with a nurse and says:-'I have some good news and bad news ..what doyou want first?'she decides to have the good news first ..doctor says:-'well as you know I said we would bedischarging you and I'm pleased to say youcan go home'she says:-'thank you doctor .. by the way what's thebad news?'he says:-'i'm sorry to tell you your husband hunghimself at lunchtime .. he's dead'she laughs and says:-'Oh no he didn't .. that was me I hung him upto dry!'----------- Chahat