Ferrari conquers Monza


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Ferrari at Monza: Can I breathe now?

Yes, I can. After 53 laps of pure magic. Anyone complaining about Ferrari’s domination can kiss my @$$. You say Ferrari wins by default? Yeah right. You say Michael do not overtake? Yeah right. You say Ferrari is losing it? Yeah right. Ferrari proves right again, it is THE BEST out there. And I doubt anyone can deny that after watching today’s race. Sheer magic and absolutely brilliant performance from Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher and the entire Ferrari team. You make me proud to say I am a Ferrari fan… and I certainly love it.


Dont be too happy dude!! Not that im not a Ferrari Fan but i have to say that Ferrari was caught unaware and apparently they were too overwhelmed last year and kept enjoying their winning spree and forgot that there was another season still to come. Well they havent been prepared and their dominance was because of the way the rules were the previous season, an amazing example of hard worka dn a big break has been for TOYOTA , these guys used to line up last , last year today they control the top places. Kudos to them
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