Bridge Mode Or Pppoe With Wireless Router?


So guys I have finally switched over to MTNL NU plan in Mumbai, and it works like a charm! A few disconnection problems, but they're supposedly taking care of it :)I just got a Netgear wireless router from a friend of mine who doesn't use it, and I was thinking of attaching it to my Ustat modem/router UT-304R2 provided by MTNL. Problem is, would I still be able to use bridge mode with the wireless router attached to the Ustat router or will I have to use the wireless router's config to dialup to mtnl (pppoe). I was just wondering because if I have to use the wireless router to log into mtnl, then I won't be able to automatically connect/disconnect at 12am/8am like bridge mode and xp dialer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!