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Netflix Issues First Top 10 List in the U.K., With ‘Our Planet’ on Top – Variety

Netflix took a step toward greater transparency Thursday, at least in the U.K., by publishing its first top-10 lists of most-watched content on its platform after having promised investors that it would start divulging more viewing information. The streaming giant said it would post the lists weekly in the U.K., which it is using as a test market.

No. 1 on the list of most-watched shows in April is the David Attenborough-narrated natural history series “Our Planet,” followed by “The Perfect Date” and “The Highwaymen” in second and third place, respectively. Other lists put break down viewing by category: most-watched films, series, documentaries, reality shows, and non-English-language series.

The streamer said that some customers would start seeing the lists on their service starting next week. How that information will be presented is unclear, but one possibility is a new row of thumbnails labeled as a top 10 list.