Airtel IPTV - A frustrating experience


Ok..So now I have been using this for the past 18 months or so and what started off as a nice change from regular TV has now become a frustrating experience. Here is why --1. The response time for a channel change is about 4 seconds. Flipping channels or for that matter flipping the various sections of their menu takes a shit load of time. 2. The EPG doesnt expand to show the full program details. I can only see the initial one liner, but not the full details. I did call up the support, but they couldnt understand what in the world was I talking about.3. Coming to the customer support, IPTV support are handled by the same guys who do the Telephone and Broadband support. They clearly do a very basic first level of support and cant understand anything beyond a restart. Even for a question as basic as help with the remote needs to be escalated. Just to talk to a person for IPTV related issues, you first have to browse through a lot of options, where they tell you your outstanding balance and other crap and when you do get to a person, he has no clue what you are talking about. Clearly this is as good as no support at all.4. If you need to subscribe to a new channel, say Neo Sports, it is not an easy procedure. You call them and ask them to add a channel to the pack. They take the request and then tell you to wait for 3 days before it gets added to your pack. Compare this with DTH platforms where this kind of request is dealt with in minutes.5. Waiting Singal / No Signal - This is an issue which has been fairly consistent now for a while at least with me. Every now and then on random channels this happens. Sometimes it goes away, sometimes it doesnt. During the IPL, I faced a number of such issues and it ruined watching any live event for me. The resolution time is much later than the time that the event gets over.6. The only thing good was the time shift feature. Where you can see programs in the past, rewind, fast forward, etc. But not all channels are on time shift.And I lost all interest in it, when they removed Star Movies and especially Star World from it.7. In the last 18 months of my using it, there hasnt been any improvement in the user interface. No effort at all has been made to improve the UI. In fact it is more and more unacceptable with each passing day. It just seems this is not something that Airtel is serious about. It is just a beta for them, trying out some shit on their customers. 8. A point that I missed earlier, and a very important point. The quality of the pictures is simply the worst compared to any other Digital or DTH provider, or even Analog Signal. 9. And now what prompted me to write this short review. It is time for the Euros and I wanted to add Neo Sports to my pack. What they said is I just cannot do it, coz I havent opted for the triple play service. I opted IPTV as an add on to my existing broadband plan. I am not sure what bullshit reasoning is that. So today, I have asked them to go ahead and terminate this rather frustrating experience called Airtel IPTV.


yes the only best feature of IPTV is timeshift. With the removal of Star Movies and Star World, even timeshift is of no use now...


Think it's safe to assume anything with an Airtel logo is either expensive piece of useless crap or it'll be very soon.

Shaun Das

i'm really sick of them as well, but from what i hear, other service providers arn't that great either.. all companies- tata, videocon etc all have issues, all have pissed off customers.. i really want to drop IPTV as well, but im not sure what to go for..

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