Experience : Secondary box Upgrade to Tatasky HD


Hi!Would like to share the experience on upgrading of Tatasky normal STB to HD STB.Well i have a HD DVR and i had a normal STB till i finally decided to upgrade secondary box also with HD capable as i am already paying for HD Gold pack and force to see HD channels only in my HD DVR. The recent changes even in s/w of standard box shows HD channels encrypted with message saying HD channels are not able to view in the current STB and need to upgrade the STB (clearly looks to me like the marketing gimmick). Well The HD box costs 2690/- with 1 month free HD pack and some base pack but for Multi TV Connection the benefit is not there.That's when i started exploring local classified sites to find if anybody is selling HD box. Found few sellers, before contacting the sellers first wanted to know from Tatasky how the entire procedure would be to buy HD box from someone and merge with my ID. The CC clearly said transfer of ownership is not possible. Luckily in the month of March'12 i had raised a Ticket from portal helpdesk for Transfer of Ownership and had received a reply saying it is possible and i can get in touch with them as and when i plan to buy HD box from someone. Well decided to reply back on the Auto response i had received, searched for the same on my mail and replied to tatasky stating CC has denied Transfer of Ownership over phone and need clarity as i have decided to go for second hand HD box, for which i received a mail back stating they can allow me to use second hand HD box and will merge it with my current subscription as i am a Premium customer and i have to submit the NOC for the same.(they also sent the NOC format in there reply)After mail confirmation from Tatasky, contacted the seller and purchased the HD box and called CC and gave a request to merge the a/c with my ID on 6/6/12, however first the CC denied to take the request and had to share the SR no of mail confirmation and only then the request was taken and said tech team call me and do the needful. Called CC 4-5 times as 4 days had passed and no one had called regarding the same. Had some irate discussion too due to the delay in merging. Atlast on 10/6/12 received a call and they said entire process will take 5 mins and i will be able to have my Seconday box upgraded to HD box and can use the HD box in place of my secondary connection(My secondary STB had 6 months semi-annual which was activated on 11th April and the tech guy had said secondary HD box will also have the same benefit). 4 hrs passed and nothing happened, had to call CC and checked the status, got to know the Sub ID is cancelled of the person who sold his HD box to me and the his HD STB is showing Inactive in my a/c and should be activated any moment. After another 2 hrs the HD STB was activated on my a/c and my due date had come down by 48-50 days which really gave me a shock. Had to ring CC again and got one more shock stating the Semi-Annual STB has gone Inactive and the secondary HD STB is running on a monthly pack and not on Semi Annual Pack. With lengthy discussion and to make them understand the exact matter they have promised to reverse the Semi Annual Multi TV back and to ensure my due date remains same.Really tough this entire Transfer of Ownership process, now just hoping they solve this and i am in with both HD boxes(HD DVR + HD)

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