Not only India wants 2G back but USA telecom company AT&T is willing to deploy 2g spectrum in NY.

2G, 3G and then 4G, spectrum is getting over crowded, and it would get difficult for operators to serve customers on all 3 networks.It would be bold decision if some operator say that they are stopping 2G services.


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TRAI has an evil plan of shifting 3G to 900MHZ thus pushing BSNL,MTNL,vodafone,idea and airtel on 1800 band.There arent many phones available in market for 900mhz 3g.Plus the costs of all the equipment needed for the shift is going to be bore by us ie customers.Secondly lower the frequency higher is the penetration and lower is number of BTS.So rural area is going to be hit badly if this things happens.Coming to the point stopping 2g is foolish considering that 90% of revenue is generated from voice and sms.So 2G makes total sense for us.3g and 4g should come so there is no more congestion.Plus there is a certain class of people who are ready to pay more money for better communication quality.These are the ones who will use 3G and 4G and eventually bring the prices down by increasing the business volume from non-2G for operators

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