Problems with D-Link wireless router

Rajiv Rao

Hi guys,First off, great forum! Fantastic reads, very informative (and even entertaining ;) )This is my first post and I am coming to you with a problem at hand with my D-Link wireless router.For the past several months of usage, everything was smooth running. I use two laptops at home, both connected wirelessly to the router, with the beam RJ45 in the router. Every now and then one of the laptops used to throw the Beam Portal home page, but after log in, usage was uninterrupted.But since the past week or so, the router's authentication stopped working. When the Beam RJ45 is in the laptop directly, everything is fine, but when the LAN cable is in the router, there is no internet access. Sometimes, throws a "page cannot be displayed". At other times, the portal page shows up, then when I log in, it says I have successfully logged in, but accessing any site redirects me back to the portal authentication page. This happens over and over again.I recently read (in this forum, I think) that Beam does not use PPPoE but some HTTP based authentication.I am still waiting for the technician to arrive, these guys are not so prompt.Can you guys please spare some advise on what I can do to troubleshoot this? There seems to be no MAC address binding, since both laptops work when the RJ45 is connected directly.Appreciate any help and thanks for reading this!Rajiv


BSNl & Beam Fiber
- Connect the RJ45 to laptop and make sure you logout. Restart the router and try again
- If above doesn't work do a 30-30-30 Hard reset of the router. Follow these steps Hard reset or 30/30/30 - DD-WRT Wiki . In your case as portal login pin page was shown PPPOE was still not working before also. After that configure the router for Dynamic address.