Aryan Invasion will be proved false



bullshit aryans came here.The govt teaches you about the aryan invasion myth to have harmony.Truth hurts.


We have 3 main races in India
1)indo aryans


Truth hurts.

Let it hurt, no place for fairy-tales in history. It's high time that the "liberal communist" authors stopped churning out lies in the garb of history! Negationism in India has acquired the proportions of a chronic illness, Indian history needs to be rewritten, not to placate any community but to be as truthful as possible. The works of the likes of Koenraad Elst and Francois Gautier need to be read.


The Bastard Son
By "Aryan", you mean to say "caucasian" right?

Theories have a lot to say. Now let's look at the facts... From here

This is gene clustering done in 2007.
Human genetic clustering - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It seems that there are 7 major races in the world. Indians acquired a unique gene pool a very very
long time ago. It happened way before any kind of commerce took place so it didn't bring other
races. It was way before the invasions. You can see from the above image that the islamic invaders
only managed to alter 25% genes of the punjabis and the sindhis but they still managed to remain
75% indian. Majority of the indians are still 95% indian.

Somehow, the russians seem to have 10% indian genes. Also all major caucacians seem to have a
little indian in them. Many north and southern indians too seem to carry a miniscule gene pool from the caucasian.
Some prehistoric mixing perhaps.

The balochi and the pashtuns are more than 50% indian. Also hazara and uygur are 1/5th indian.
There is no way to prove for sure whether it was indians who went to europe or vice versa. If you look at the caucasian table(italian, french, roosie etc), they have visible indian genes in them. How did that happen? The best explanation is that caucasians and indians branched out from a single group a very very long time ago.

The punjabi, sindhi, pashtun hybrid blood is no doubt a recent mixing from centuries of religious conquests. Arguably, indian blood existed in full form as long as afghanistan borders.

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