Has anybody benefited from the social networking site, Twitter/ Facebook by any way?


If you have gone through any application of admission for TOP International universities, you might be aware about the requirements and procedure to apply. In the requirements, Essay statement is mandatory to submit to be an eligible candidate for admission. Recently, University of Iowa tried a new way to offer admission to students through allowing students to submit an essay via Twitter which allows to tweet in limited characters whereas at time of admission, universities prefer an essay should be written in more character like 1000. University of Iowa’s Tippie School of Management (TSM) held a competition, 'International Tweet Competition'. In that competition Rahul Rathi won the scholarship of $36k along the admission seat for MBA.

Noida techie's tweet earns him $ 37,000 scholarship in US : India News - India Today
His twitter account (@rathirahul86) is protected. It might be because of numbers of followers has been increased after press release of his acceptance in Uni. of Iowa.


Best of luck him.