Billing System


I am using 250 home plan. For 4 months the monthly bill was below Rs. 2,000/- But for June and July 2006 they sent 2 bills to be paid on 13th and 30th of Sep. 2006. I have paid about Rs. 7,500 and Rs. 3,500 in Sep. month only. I am using Internet from its very inception. But spending Rs. 11,000 per month seems ridiculous. I know my downloading limit. If I go to the portal though I have passed English typewriting, and type fast my username and pass word for login , it displays that it is Time out. Nobody can type faster than me to enter username and password. When I approached the Accounts Officer of BSNL they ask me to go the site and see my account details in the website. If I use in the URL , I am unable to open it. For Rs. 11,000/- I could have purchased genuine software packs. DIGIT magazine is offering DVD and CD with the latest software and there is no need to download from websites such Demo software. We can get Intel mother board and latest Processor with other peripherals for Rs. 11,000/- Can anyone help me whether anybody spent this much of amount? What advice can my admirers give me?
Dr.T. Padmanaban 27th Sep. 2006
[email protected]


you are just paying too much i pay RS900/MONTH for unlimited data usage on bsnl dataone broadband as i am on the 900plus phone is rent free only voice calls is charged at rs1/unit.and you are paying RS7500.i am i request you to switch to unlimited plan for RS900/MONTH plus modem rentals RS100 +VOICE CALL CHARGE IF ONLY YOU MAKE ANY VOICE CALLS FOR DETAILS VIST THIS SITE