BSNL Router and another rosewill router with DD-WRT installed PPPOE settings


Hi I have a rosewill router that i got from USA and installed dd-wrt (dd-wrt.v24_mini_wrt54g). However i don't find the option of PPPOE settings here. To give a brief idea here is my setup.I have a bit high end desktop at home with ESXi 5.0 installed with 2 domain controllers and 3 Exchange server as my lab. Now my friend have bought a domain and i want to use his domain for making my exchange to go live into internet. However at home i was BSNL connection with dynamic IP and when the BSNL guy came i saw him doing some settings in PPPOE. Now i would to use dd-wrt dynamic dns functionality to beat my ISPs dynamic problem. Can someone kindly provide me help for two stuffs:1) What dd-wrt version do i need install so PPPOE DSL settings are supported2) what settings i need to do in the router from BSNL (my ISP's router) and my rosewill router (with dd-wrt.v24_mini_wrt54ginstalled).Also what mode do i need to use would i use bridging or router mode?

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