Problem with sify


hi to alli am new user of sify of 48 kbps since one month as my private isp provider changed his isp to sify due to some problems and as there is no other alternative i have to stick to this. eversince i got sify connection the problems like, browsing problem pages are not opening quickly and it is taking much time, downloading is in bytes or sometimes 2 or 3 kbhs etc., above all when i am in middle of the downloading messages are coming and telling that "session expired relogin and regretted for inconvience" it is happening frequently. i don't y and the customer care people are not at all responding to my requests. so plz any of u can help me regarding this. after taking this sify connection i found this forum.


For all those who take up Sify newly, take out some time and browse the last 10 pages of this forum. I am sure you will find out a solution to your problems ;) Take care to tell Customer Care to disable heartbeat. That would take care of your "Invalid session expired" messages.