first impression of bsnl dsl


Got my connection finally today. Took some pestering of the service engineer. He came today morning with his @$$istant, unpacked a Huawei mt800, connected a splitter to the phone line, configured the adsl modem and the connection started working. First page to check, cnet bandwidth meter. I got 479kbits/s(anomaly).

After the bsnl guys left, I configured my wireless router(1 min job) and checked speeds at 2 sites.( and I have the 384k adsl connection. I asked the engineer when I could upgrade to 512k, he said "wait for 2 weeks". They are still installing additional equipment at my exchange. In my area, people seem to be taking bsnl dsl like fish to the water.

You don't need to install any software, no authentication needed(except in the modem), and speeds are quite ok(images attached).

Conducting the speed test at cnet's bandwidth meter, I'm getting 320-325k consistently. As I stated in a earlier post, I wasn't too sure if bsnl would have low pings and they don't. I'm getting 405-440ms to I'm still going to install counter strike and try playing(and hope the server mods won't kick me out for high pings).

Check the consistency of the connection, I tried 2 tv channels from shoutcast. A jap broadcast(300k) was not that steady(buffering every 5-8 sec) but a 250k stream was quite steady(buffering once a min). Just got to sort out the phone and dsl line issues. Everytime there is a call, the dsl connection drops. Nirvana will have to wait for one more day.