Beware of postpaid termination - Closing - Ready to Track all


Hi all, If you are reliance net connect broadband net connect user , before closing the connection make sure following steps.I have closed my data card connection recently.1. Go to the reliance net-connect dealer - Tell them i want to close my datacard connection.2, He ask them to fill the form - your card no, gsm nos, and feedback about services.3, Do not sign , ask them to reviver signature, then sign , xerox the copy of the letter with seal. not the customer officers name.4, Then he will give one transaction id , note it. Also note the nodel no, authority email id, phone no on the display board.5, Then he will tell tele caller will call to confirm with in 10 days, do not say yes , if possible record the voice.6) Next month you will get the call bill raised, all ....7) simply cool , boycott all.8) if you still feel prob , raise the online consumer complaints.This was my exp, if you have anything worst than this , please post your anger.Be happy. Cool


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Hi ,
I am facing similar problems. They are not even terminating my internet. Plus they have sent me a bill. I hope you can help me out.

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