Iqara: Worst Ever ISP I have ever used


After enjoying super broadband service in Singapore last 5 years. Recently when I returned to India, I wanted a broadband connection at home. To my horror situation here is so pathetic!! In my area Aundh pune it seemed to have only one service provider iqara (monopoly). Sify wasn’t there, BSNL started DSL just now. So I subscribed to Iqara unlimited plan. In my Opinion worst ever ISP service I have seen. Here are some highlights of pathetic service provider.• They call 40/64 kbps unlimited connection a broadband and charge 900 for 40 kbps connection is really a joke. • These guys call themselves a UK based best ISP provider.• Rob customers by charging 1600 Installation charges ( I don’t know what the heck is installation charges and it seems that every service use this term to rob customers)• At least couple of hour’s downtime every day.• Download speed of 5 kbps is a joke.• When change a plan you gotta wait for at least 7 days to resume the services , In which world these people are living?• When you lodge complain to CC, technician calls you after 2 days and ask you to do basic trouble shooting, like restart machine, modem!! Common broadband users are not that idiots.• Last month when my connection broke down I lodged complain to CS. It took three days for them to discover that someone has cut the cable and took another 3 days to fix it. * Sigh*. At the same time Guys came to me for renewal as service was to finish in 2 days time. Sooo when connection established they demanded that I must renew and pay upfront then only I can use the service. But then how about my 7 days of disruption of service?????? These guys really s*ck!!Now Sify and BSNL is availed since last month. I didn’t bother to change the provider since it takes another 8 days to resume the services and anyway I will be moving to NY soon so I wont be needed any service. Overall I think there is terribly wrong with the service providers in India. 900 rs for 40 kbps connection is looting and nothing else. When there is cheap labor available and operating cost is so low, I just do not understand why these people are robbing customers. These guys wont enjoy it long for sure. Sometimes word of mouth is quite powerful and these players will pay the price when better alternatives are available.I really feel for you guysBut lets hope that we get better service in future, which is value for money.CheersGirish Rane


Hmm ... if you think thats bad, try sify, it will redefine the meaning of bad :)


And the best award for the worst ever ISP goes to BSNL...hands down for that guys. Sify never before and sify never after.