New To Reliance Broadband (From BSNL) - Experience

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Hi Guys ,

I am Sanjay , Recently i replaced my old BSNL connection with reliance. 1799 Plan (4 MBPS upto 60 GB , 600 kbps unlimited beyond 60 Gb usage)
Skip to 3rd paragraph if u dont want to read about my BSNL experience.

I had used BSNL from April-2004 to January-2012.I had good experience with BSNL and also very satisified with it but as time passed BSNL plans were ridiculous and also service got pathetic.In 2009 , I Changed my plan to 1350/- 512 kbps unlimited i think.Then in 2009 they revised plans and said that 1350 is combo plan , so i can use phone , Then in 2010 i saw plan revision saying that "2 mbps upto 15 GB and 512 kbps unlimted beyond it".

But i got same old speed (512 kbps), so i contacted them , went to their office but no response , because i dont want to waste money by paying 1350 (extra 600 /-)when they revised that plan to get 512 kbps unlimited for just 750 /-.Then finally next day they said i have to submit a letter regarding the issue.My connection was in old server , i need to write a letter to their authorities to shift my connection to new server and i did it.
Next month onwards i got the new speed but only 1.5 mbps but i left it didnt take it serious because i wasnt heavy user at that point.Then they revised plans again saying 4 mbps upto 20 gb and beyond that 512 kbps , but still i got old speed i.e 1.5 mbps till 15 gb and beyond it 512 kbps.And they gave no response or reply regarding the issue. I just changed to reliance because of frustration and poor service.

I am heavy user now due to more devices at my home and also increased my download content , I download stuff a lot , (Not movies) , Just softwares once in a while , Youtube Videos (HD/SD) ( A lot of them like 200-300 a month) , Some TV Show episodes which are not available in India.My usage every month is about 30-40 GB a month.
All use Wi-fi in my house.3 Phones , One iPad , 2 Laptops , One Tv (Skype/Youtube) , One iPod Touch , One Pc. 9 devices Totally.

And Usage is like 3-4 devices being used at same times sometimes , so i need good bandwidth so that those devices wont slow down when used at sametime.I prefer Wi-fi to 3G because 3G speeds are low and suck up lot of battery from devices.
I am on 1799 Plan ATM. 4 mbps upto 60 GB and 600 kbps beyond that usage. What i do is , every morning i type passcode and log in and leave it like that till night so that everyone can use internet by simply connecting Wifi without logging again.

I am very happy with service of reliance and also liked reliance regarding speeds and quality so far.getting decent speed and didnt disconnect a lot.

So what do u think about speed , i am getting ? is it good or should i ask them for more (like 3.9 mbps)

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