Problem In Bsnl Braodband Connection


Dear all,I need desperate help.I am having the D-Link GLB-502T modem/router and I want to flexibly use it on a laptop having windows xp and a computer having windows 98.I have recently taken BSNL broadband 256 kbps startup plan. I am facing two main problems with it.1. The connection is getting disconnected too often on laptop (win xp) - It just either stops ransferring bits or hangs after 5-10 mins of connection. Sometimes it does not get connected also. When I re-boot the laptop, it gets connected sometimes.2. I am not able to configure the router on win 98. I am not even able to ping to (This means even the router is not accessible. Setting it is far away).Need somebody to help me asap.Best regards,Saurabh JhawarChandigarh