Latency fluctuations; Reliance Wired broadband

Deepak Ojha

So here it's, directly to the point; since 2 months i'm facing this problem which is till date un resolved manually by me or by Reliance executive either.
Problems faced;
1. Ping fluctuation,
2. Spikes,
3. DNS problems,
4. Cache Error,

The most recent problem and priority to resolve is the ping fluctuation.

Please if you find any solution; buzz me back!


hmmm Vs-Gaming ping test. :Dits strange that ur getting this much of ping hikes and ur lowest ping is 60ms which is still high i get around 30-40 pings mostly while playing online in any indian servers. me too took the vs gaming ping test most of the time my ping was 29 for mumbai sv and 33 for delhi. and about DNS lookup failure it happens to me as well sometimes browser just refuses to direct me to reliance login portal u can ask reliance to may be change ur line to another dp if they have any nearby in ur area