Problem with Online Recharge.


Day before yesterday I have recharged my Tata Docomo number using Tata Docomo website with Rs. 30. First transaction was failed while redirecting to Tata Docomo website after I did the payment using my SBI Debit Card. I was in a hurry to go some where so I tried again and recharge was successful this time. But later I realized that they charged for both transactions (Rs. 30+30) and refilled my account only once. I thought I'll get my money back after 24 Hrs. but I didn't receie my money. So immediately I contacted at Customer Care first time one girl talked to me and asked me for transaction number so I told her that I'll call back them after a while. When I checked my messages I realized that I didn't receive any transaction ID for the failed recharge. So I checked my SBI A/C Transaction ID and called them back. This time I met a Horrible Customer Care executive, I think she don't have minimum knowledge over Online transactions and Computer. For Example when I said that they charged twice for one recharge than she replied "You pressed twice so we charged twice" (In Pure Telugu she said Meeru rendu saarlu nokkaru anduke rendu sarlu charge ayyindi) I didn't understand what actually she was trying to say. After a long struggle she replied that call back after 3 Hrs. they will check out what was the actual problem. I wondered with her weird reply but I was not in a mood that I'll fight with her and also thought I can talk to any other Executive who have some better knowledge. After 3 Hrs. when I called them back my call was received by a male executive he also was also not able to solve the problem but said he is registering a complaint and they will solve the problem soon. It was 24 hrs. back but still they didn't do any thing till know. Please some one suggest what should I do know.These are my SBI transaction ID's24-Feb-2012 (24-Feb-2012) POS PRCH POS 201202190578 BILLDESK SBIPG 30.00.24-Feb-2012 (24-Feb-2012) POS PRCH POS 201202190515 BILLDESK SBIPG 30.00.

It happened with me as well when I recharged twice for Rs 90 (3G 100MB) by mistake. I got Rs 90 after 3-4 days I guess. Wait for 3-4 days when bank start operating from Monday (today).


This had happened to me as well. I tried to do an online recharge of Rs 150 previously which had failed and I couldn't even copy the failed transaction id due to sudden power cut. I got the same reply from the customer care that you need to give the transaction id for any further assistance. That doesn't help and they don't always refund you the value automatically. So my suggestion is that email them at and give your phone no. and name as reference. They will track your transaction via your cell no. and you will get your refund after 7 to 8 working days.



We apologize for the inconvenience, Kindly provide us your Tata DOCOMO number, your alternate contact number and email ID so that we can get in touch with you. You can also go to the following link - Tata DOCOMO Chat to get your query resolved through a Live Chat with our Customer Care executive or mail us the exact details of your complaint to '' & we'll escalate it asap.

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