Guide: How To Use Your Android Phone Without Google !!!!

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[h=2]Break free and take control of your privacy.[/h]

Ever since Google introduced the Android OS for smartphones, its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. While it is undeniable that most of us depend on Google for a large extent, it is also worrisome when you realise that one company has so much power in its hands. The recent privacy concerns and iPhone Safari tracking revelations make it difficult to put your full trust in the company. You can certainly overcome of most of these concerns by using your Android phone without Google, meaning that you don't have to share your personal data with the company in any way. The good news is that while Android is open source and you can easily get around without breaking any rules unlike other mobile operating systems such as iOS. We will show you how this can be achieved, although some of it may involve delving into territories potentially dangerous for your Android smartphone.

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