Bsnl bhubaneswar: Strange practices


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Internet service at Bhubaneswar is down since yesterday, i.e., 19-2-2012. This is the third disruption during the last one month. One can not but infer either of the three causes. 1. Infrastructure here is of poor quality.2. Maintenance is lackadaisical.3. The personnel don't have the requisite expertise.We had been boasting of the service of Bhubaneswar BSNL until today. Authorities now seem bent on depriving us of that luxury.So, what is so strange about it?The strange things are:1. The people at 1500 here often refuse to register complaints saying they have been "instructed" not to register complaints on broadband.2. Though telephony is declared an essential service, nobody answers calls at the SDO Phones offices here on Sundays or local holidays.3. There is no provision of automatic complaint Booking for BB problems. Selecting the option "BB problems" always leads to a 'customer care executive' who promptly refuses to register any complaint on broadband.3. Calls made to All-India toll free number 18004241600 do not go beyond "Please select your language, press 1 to reselect.." etc.4. Attempts made to register a complaint at selfcare portal always end with a deadlock: "A complaint of similar nature has already been registered." no matter what ever complaint you try to register.WHAT IS HAPPENING?