Unable to receive calls after porting.


Hello,I am facing problem with incoming calls after switching my network from Airtel to Docomo.Today morning my number was successfully ported from Airtel to Docomo but then after I'm facing a strange problem. I'm able to make and receive calls from all except Airtel numbers. I'm able to call on Aitel Numbers but unable to receive incoming calls only, When ever I call my Ported number from my other Airtel Number it says "The Number doesn't exist".When I contacted Docomo CC first time they told me it will take another four hours to complete entire porting process then after I will not have any kind of problems. But even after 8hrs. I'm unable to receive calls from Airtel Numbers. so I contacted Docomo CC again this time they told me that might be Aitel blocked my number so I'm unable to receive calls from Airtel numbers. So immediately I called on Aitel CC and asked them that why did they blocked my Number. They told me that they don't have any Idea about it because they completely ported my number to Docomo so they don't have any information about my Number and advised me to contact at their regional Head Office at Bagumpet which is far away from my place. What should I do know???


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Well wait for another 24hr...sometimes it happens...dont worry. Airtel might get angry with you but can not block your number. :)


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When I ported from idea to MTNL, I too wasn't able to receive calls from airtel numbers for the first day. Airtel users would get the message that my number doesn't exist or a connection error. It'll get fixed in a day.


Don't worry. Your problem will finx in a day as sometimes it happens that after porting users face some problems. But these problems are temporary and can be fixed after some time.


I too ported from BSNL to DOCOMO, I had similar problem like you it was only for 24Hours after activation..... and then it got solved i didnt call any CC....The thing once your number ported to the New Operator it may take some time to get update of their Database/Registry in India... they say that it can complete in 4 hours... but as you know we are in India not in America... all the steps goes with the FORMALITIES... Officers expect them to beg with them to get updated....


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I am also having same problem,

I had ported from Idea to vodafone . now after 1 month still I am not able to receive calls from MTNL landline,
Didnt know what happened , whenever dialed from MTNL its showing "The Idea no. u r dialing is not in service"

I complaint same to vodafone but they tell me that no issue from their end please take a look at MTNL .
MTNL also said the same. no issues from their. I am Frustrated.

give me solution guys


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Hi, I too facing the similar issue it's been more than 10 days since I ported my no from BSNL to Airtel.. I am unable to receive any incoming calls from BSNL network/numbers.. I visited Airtel n BSNL center, called Cc centre but no luck.. can anyone suggest me..
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