How to overclock my C2D E7500?


Hello friend, first of all thanks for replying to my previous posts. Your suggestions and guidance helped me a lot.Now as i had purchased C2D E7500, i want to overclock it. I am a total beginner in this field. I searched a lot on net and forums, got various ideas, used clockgen but i am not able to OC my cpu. Then, at last, i tried from my BIOS. I edited Bus Speed there. Initially it was 266 and multiplier is 11. So i incremented Bus Speed with 5. My system OCd very well upto the Bus Speed of 299 but on 300 it got unstable after logging into my user account. It so happened that PC logged in successfully but after 5 mins. a blue screen came and said "Dumping to Trash...." or something like that. At that time i remembered that somewhere on the net i had read that we also have to increase Vcore voltage and have to OC the RAM. So, i got helpless because i didn't saw any editable field in BIOS for the same. So, i request you people to please guide me in this field. Please give me step by step instructions if possible. And also tell me what softwares shall i use for it and how to use them. The detailed specs of my PC are as listed below. Also i am posting CPUZ screenshots (without OC) so that you could get better idea of my hardware. Thanx. Mainboard- MSI G41M-P26CPU- Intel C2D E7500, 2.93 GHz, 3 MB cache, FSB 1066RAM- 4 GB DDR3, Dual channel


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dude 1st thing is don't mess with vcore unless u knw what u r doing. increasing the core voltage results in increase in temperature. u will have to invest in a better cooler for the cpu. the stock cooler won't be able to keep it up. also if u push it up too much u will fry the cpu. u cannot keep pumping up the fsb like crazy. when u increase the fsb u r increasing the bus. the ram will have to be able to support tht kindof bus speed increase. the value(cheap) rams cannot go much further and hence pc hangs. u need faster ram which can run along with the fast fsb. or u will have to loosen the ram timings. also understand that not every motherboard supports changing all paremeters. the good OC boards are usually upwards of 6-8k.i suggest u use teh msi overclock utility which will do it for u. just don't expect any substantial gains.even witha good board and a good air cooler u will be able to push to a max of 3.6-3.8ghz. why the hell do u want to bother for a 600-800mhz gain?? hardly any1 uses 100% of cpu power nowadays. the major bottleneck is the HDD. there is no point in havinga cpu running @ a zillion ghz when the hdd is going to slow ur system totally. better get a SSD. itwill blow ur brains off !!! its better than any overclock on the earth.