Google Does Not Show Backlinks



I have recently launched a new site I have working for a few days now to promote this site. I have got many back links even google searches a few of those backlinking pages by the keyword for which i have optmized.

But the problem is that when i type, Google does not show any link whereas I know that there are many backlinks to my site.

I suppose if does not shows some result, I even wont get any PR.

Kindly advice.

Most often backlinks that you expect to be there while checkin using link command, do not appear as in case of google. so no need to worry about google, if the page on which your website link resides, is cached by google then you need not to worry about the link being shown or not by google, but in actual it has been counted internally by google, and you might not be aware of it..For best results of checkin backlinks use yahoo or MSN.. they will give you the clear picture as to when the link was added to your backlinks..Regards