Need help: Connecting a NETGEAR Wireless G 54 Access Point as a bridge/repeater onto my MTNL 450TC1

folks,i have a MTNL Broadband connection with their 450TC1 ADSL router connected. The connection does not reach some corners of my home and hence I recently bought a repeater (Netgear Wireless-G 54 Access Point). My issue is I simply can't get the internet connection to share across these two. i have followed all the instructions from the Netgear helpline (connected as a Bridge) but the internet connection is simply not there. Do i need to change any settings on the MTNL router and how?PS: Tried getting a tech engineer on the phone from MTNL last 3 hrs, to no avail.please help!thanks!


MTNL broadband, MTNL 3G
I had similar issue with my TP-Link router. After all one month here and there try..simply came to know that I need to give different IP address to my router..i.e my ADSL modem 450TC1 IP address is and my TP link router IP address is above is not an issue and try to fix band...