Tikona is a closed company - BEWARE


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Had a really bad experience and have learnt that Tikona is not using professional thieves and god knows what not these days to con people.Had a person posing as a salesperson from Tikona with legitimate ID. He said he can get the net installed in 3 days and took 1500 rupees from me whereas the original amount is 1600 approx which i said will be paid on day of installation. Withing minutes of his leaving I get a mail from TIKONA with all my details when I had not provided a single information to the salesperson/docs/photo/etc. After a week when nothing happened. I called up customer center only to find that the person has deposited only 1100 rupees and that my account was generated and that my account is undergoing some LAN issue. When I called that person ...he neither picks up or says he's reaching in 5 minutes for the past 1 week now. So the modus operandi now is as follows: Tikona uses con-men to take money from u and then enter ur details against some dummy bum account or an account that has been closed. All this w/o any formal form/docs/signature. And there after of course nobody will entertain u at the customer care no. or they will will say that the account is already active as per their records and that This is the no. of the salesman +91 9535298342 ALL BEWARE OF THIS WEIRD NEW TIKONA CON-OPERATION AND PLEASE SPREAD WORD OF MOUTH TO ONE AND ALLTIKONA IS NOT AN INTERNET PROVIDER, they are professional thieves and this is confirmed after my experience with them! Of course they don't have any service to offer at all...its just an empty -ponzi scheme company today!!thank you


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Wasn't a similar complaint made on this forum a few weeks back?And yes, you should always pay by cheque to agents and not by cash.